Munson Medical Center

Emergency Department Addition

Traverse City, Michigan // 134,650 sq. ft.

Munson Medical Center (MMC) faced two primary challenges: the Emergency Department (ED) was too small to adequately serve the rapidly growing community and lacked visual prominence on the large campus, and the expansion of treatment services and the growing community presented a need for more patient rooms.

TowerPinkster teamed with NBBJ to design a state-of-the-art ED and two new floors of inpatient rooms. TowerPinkster’s role in the ED portion of the project encompassed mechanical engineering design for the addition and renovation. When the emergency department was nearing completion, MMC desired to expand the addition vertically to house an additional patient floor and a new Cath Lab. TowerPinkster worked with MMC, the contractors, and suppliers to fast-track the design of the vertical addition to correspond with the completion of the emergency department.

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