Muskegon Community College

One Stop Student Center

Muskegon, Michigan // 22,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

There was a geographical disconnect between student service departments, creating an inconvenient and confusing admission process. Additional spaces on campus were also in need of renovation (nursing labs, student testing, lounge, and administration offices).

TowerPinkster Solution

All student admission functions were reorganized to a single area at the main entry. This combines online, self-help capabilities with staff support and is located adjacent to other important resources such as the bookstore, student organizations, cafe and student lounge which also received updates. This also resulted in the reunification and reorganization of the College Administration into a single, accessible area which includes renovated space for student testing and tutoring. Nursing classrooms and labs also received renovations which now feature three clinical suites. Windows were placed between each, offering flexibility in a traditional classroom model, coupled with hands-on individual training where students can monitored from one central location. The project was also designed utilizing sustainable principles and included a green roof. This took the place of an existing, open plaza that offered little respite or aesthetics to campus. A new green roof features lush plantings and seating areas that are appropriately scaled for individual or group use.

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