City of New Albany

New Albany Fire Station #5

New Albany, Indiana // 7,940 sq. ft.

The City of New Albany partnered with TowerPinkster to design and replace its existing firehouse, which served the community for over 58 years. Paying homage to historic New Albany fire stations, the thoughtful new design incorporates exterior gas lights that create a unique flickering effect and large-scale custom artwork. Our team reviewed operations to design a floor plan layout that creates an efficient flow between the bunk room, gear rooms, and apparatus bay, reducing overall firefighter response time. The outdoor seating, cardio and weight-lifting gym, open floor plan for the day room, and kitchen areas encourage team camaraderie. The design also features a climate-controlled Safe Haven Baby Box for the community. This project was funded in part by the American Rescue Plan and allows the City to continue providing excellent service for the surrounding neighborhood with a new, modern facility.

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