Salem Middle School

Salem Middle School Pool Renovations

Salem, IN // 6,838 sq. ft.

The 1975 Salem Middle School Pool was in need of improvements to stay up to code and fix structural issues. TowerPinskter created a facility that meets requirements and allows for engagement with students and the surrounding community.

The existing pool and pool deck were demolished entirely and a new concrete and tile pool was constructed. Updates to the pool include a new surge tank, regenerative filter system, new pumps, boiler, and UV tank. The pool deck was re-tiled and a drain system was added. To improve accessibility, a new ADA lift was added. New LED lighting and polycarbonate openings were installed to make the space feel more open and increase natural light exposure. Painted and acoustical baffles were added to the exposed structure. Lastly, an entirely new HVAC system helps improve humidity control capabilities.

Half Width 2 13
Half Width 16