North Harrison Community Schools

North Harrison Middle School Classroom Addition

Ramsey, Indiana // 122,933 sq. ft.

TowerPinkster was selected to design significant additions and renovations for North Harrison Middle School. The design team evaluated the building’s existing conditions and recommended portions to remain and portions to be demolished. The team designed a series of additions totaling 46,000 SF: a 2-story classroom addition, a new main entrance addition with a secure entry lobby and administrative offices, and a new kitchen addition with a cafeteria expansion. The TowerPinkster team located these significant additions in front of the existing building to develop a new main facade for the middle school.

The project also included renovations to approximately 77,000 SF of the existing building with updates to finishes, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems throughout the entire building. Life safety was improved through the installation of a new fire suppression system and fire alarm system. Security improvements included a new access control system at all exterior entry points and a new camera system throughout. Communications systems were also updated with the installation of a new intercom system, a new wireless central clock system, and a new data network infrastructure with a focus on providing reliable WiFi coverage throughout the entire facility.

Half Width 1 18
Half Width 2 49
Half Width 3 40
Half Width 4 36