Oceana County Medical Care Facility

Facility Expansion and Renovation

Hart, Michigan

Client Challenge

Oceana County Medical Care Facility opened in 1965 and provides rehabilitation services as well as Alzheimer’s, dementia and nursing home care for the area’s elderly community. After a building addition in 1980 and an expansion in 2005 that added space for 18 residents requiring dementia care and therapy, the facility has become highly successful and established a long waiting list for future residents. With such high demand, the county decided to expand offerings once again through several renovation efforts.

TowerPinkster Solution

TowerPinkster teamed with Maggie Calkins, a Senior Care Specialist, and Kendra Thompson, a local architectural representative, to offer complete planning and design solutions. Current and immediate-future needs were addressed while allowing for future expansion. The expansion includes a 29-bed addition and the conversion of several existing shared rooms to private rooms to expand the dementia program. Space was also created for an improved, dedicated area for short-term rehabilitation. The dining room was expanded to provide variety for residents while offering amenities to enjoy private family dining opportunities.

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