Orrin B. Hayes

Mercedes-Benz Dealership Expansion/Renovation

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 39,500 sq. ft.

Orrin B. Hayes, a multi-franchise automobile dealership, has occupied its downtown Kalamazoo location for more than 75 years. Anticipating future growth, the owners desired to renovate their service area and customer lounge and create an addition for a new Mercedes-Benz showroom. Their ultimate goal was to refresh the entire store and upgrade the dealership’s character, image, and brand.
Utilizing Mercedes-Benz design guidelines, TowerPinkster created a unique solution for the showroom by expanding the existing building footprint. The addition features a contemporary vehicle display area with sleek lines and smooth finishes. The existing service area and customer lounge spaces were renovated and re-imagined with modern materials and features like ceiling treatments that playfully tilt at different angles to help define the converted space. Sales offices and support spaces were also improved, and historical elements were maintained and emphasized with the new, contemporary architectural features, tying into the new addition. Our design solution also included vehicle maintenance spaces featuring state-of-the-art technology.
The blended design is carried through to the exterior where a new canopy and a wooden roof deck help attract customers passing through the busy intersection. Windows in the existing facility were also maximized to improve visibility and energy efficiency while mimicking features of the adjacent, modern addition.

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