Reeths-Puffer Public Schools

Middle School Renovation

Muskegon, Michigan // 117,509 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

This aging middle school had once been home to the district High School. The entrance was not secure and difficult to find, the office was buried in the middle of the building, there were three courtyards that were underutilized and there was no flexible workspace for students. Due to declining enrollment, there was also under-utilized spaces.

TowerPinkster Solution

The dramatic transformation to this building was accomplished for a fraction of the cost of a new facility and it solved all of the previous issues with the former building. Some of the poorer classroom areas and courtyards in the building were removed so that the available dollars could be spent more efficiently on the remainder of the building. The main entrance was expanded and an adjacent office created in order to provide a welcoming front door, protection from the elements, and a secure vestibule. A new lobby/locker commons area is the “heart” of the building and provides a safe place for students to gather instead of being dispersed into the old, long and narrow corridors. This centralized space creates an environment that draws students to the middle of the building where monitoring student behavior is much easier. By removing the existing low roof areas and unused courtyards, daylight is also provided creating a more cheerful environment.

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