The River Church

Facility Renovation

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 25,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

The River Church began in September 2004 in a small building on Lake Street in Kalamazoo. When they quickly outgrew their location, they found and purchased a larger warehouse building downtown. The challenge was to renovate the rundown 25,000 square-foot warehouse and turn it into the place of worship that the River envisioned. The church was working with a limited budget but still wanted to create a welcoming space for disadvantaged community members. In order to accomplish the large undertaking, The River partnered with TowerPinkster to provide architecture and engineering services, as well as Encompass Interior Design, Nehil Sivak for structural engineering, and Cornerstone Construction for construction management.

TowerPinkster Solution

Working backward from the River’s limited budget, TowerPinkster and the rest of the team created an overall vision for what the church wanted to implement and then focused on the areas that would be most impactful for the first phase of the improvements. TowerPinkster also made provisions for a second phase of work for teen programs and after hours services. Overall the old warehouse was transformed into a space that will serve the River’s parishioners as well as the greater community and give them the space they need to do so.

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