Silver Harbor Brewing Company

New Taproom and Production Brewery

St. Joseph, Michigan // 8,500 sq. ft.

Silver Harbor Brewing Company teamed with TowerPinkster to repurpose an existing warehouse facility in St. Joseph, Michigan, and turn it into a new taproom and production brewery. One of the main challenges of this project was maximizing the renovated square footage with a constricted budget. Future design considerations were created for an outdoor patio area and a new entry sequence for the building. Drawing on past experience with breweries of similar size and scope, TowerPinkster guided the client through the sequence of brewing operations and equipment layout. TowerPinskter proposed a design layout that allowed for efficient restaurant staffing and easy access to the kitchen and bar areas while maintaining the existing shipping and back-of-house areas for the production brewery. The designers also sought to accentuate the existing structure and concrete columns by utilizing reclaimed wood for bars and custom fixtures.

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