Southwest Michigan First

Southwest Michigan First Tenant Fit Out

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 18710 sq. ft.

Working with Southwest Michigan First, the team chose design elements emphasizing the aspirational and passionate energy Southwest Michigan First brings to attract economic development.

The first floor features the Catalyst Center, a large open venue and training space for community gatherings that seats up to 80 guests. A large central bar is the heart of this space, focused on connection. The ceiling is treated with large dimensional forms of acoustic drywall, whose shape and placement are a nod to the iconic crystal corner of the building. The space is an understated yet dynamic backdrop to groundbreaking ideas.

The second floor has an open office area with 120-degree workstations that promote efficient and effective communication and collaboration. The vast expanse of glass provides an overlook to the organization’s community and equal access to natural light. Highly visible team rooms provide opportunities to brainstorm with prospects, while smaller, acoustically treated enclaves support private phone conversations and focused workspaces.

swm half
swm catalyst half
swm full