State of Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

New Veterans Home

Chesterfield, Michigan // 170,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge and TowerPinkster Solution

The State of Michigan and the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency partnered with TowerPinkster and senior living design consultant SFCS to design a new Veteran community based on the USDVA Community Living Center (CLC) Guidelines. The design embraces the concept of resident-centered care, which provides all residents with private rooms and bathrooms in a home-like environment. Resident rooms are arranged in 16 room households, and houses are paired into 32 resident neighborhoods. Each household may function independently but shares functions such as the multi-purpose room, staff breakroom, and garage/receiving area, which are arranged in a Neighborhood Center connecting the pair of homes. Each Neighborhood Center is connected to the central Community Center via enclosed connector walkways.

This location consists of (8) households and four (4) neighborhoods for a total of 128 resident rooms. A single household of 16 residents or a neighborhood pair of 32 could be designated as memory care or another specialized care environment. The prototypical design may accommodate the level of care with little or no alteration to the basic design.

Chesterfield Township
The southeast Michigan site is located at a former Air National Guard residential development. Site utilities existing and required significant modifications to support the new Veterans Home. This is the first and only Veterans home in metro Detroit.

The new homes embody the principles of resident-centered care and demonstrate an intentional shift away from the institutional medical models of previous generations. Residents will find their new home offers privacy and dignity while encouraging mobility, activity, and socialization.

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