State of Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

New Veterans Homes

Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan // 170,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge and TowerPinkster Solution

The State of Michigan and the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is working with TowerPinkster and senior living design consultant, SFCS, to design two new State Veterans Homes developments based on the USDVA Community Living Center (CLC) Guidelines. One facility is planned in Grand Rapids and one site is planned to be located in Detroit. These sites are the first phase in a multi-facility bed replacement effort for the State of Michigan’s existing certified beds currently located in Grand Rapids and Marquette.

The new homes will embody the principles of “Resident Centered Care” and replace previous institutional medical models.

The Grand Rapids home will feature four neighborhoods of two, sixteen-bed houses for a total of 128 resident rooms. A primary focus of the design is to allow each resident house to function independently in smaller groups, but to also foster broader connections in a central community center and additional multi-purpose spaces.

Both the Grand Rapids and Detroit homes will provide a safe and welcoming environment for veterans in a neighborhood-like setting. Residents will receive the care and services they need while affording them the community and privacy they deserve

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2017 1204 Exterior Rendering14
2018 0813 Community Center Aerial 1
2018 0813 Neighborhood Courtyard
2018 1015 Site Plan Revised