Stonecutter Place Apartments

Bedford, Indiana // 27,975 sq. ft.

To provide suitable and affordable senior housing, TowerPinkster was hired to revitalize the historic Brock & Sears building and adjacent Carriage House in Downtown Bedford, IN. 

Having served a variety of commercial uses for nearly a century, the three-story building was transformed into a senior apartment complex strategically located near the libraries, pharmacies, salons, bookstore, and other amenities. 

A courtyard sits between the renovated building and the addition providing enjoyable views and access to sunlight. Additionally, new windows were installed to meet safety requirements and improve insulation. The building also includes an elevator for accessibility, laundry and exercise rooms, a community room for activities and events, and other amenities. The completed renovation and addition offer local seniors the opportunity for safe, accessible, and independent living in their community.

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Half Width 7 1
Half Width 4 6
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