Medical Technology Company

Distribution Center

Portage, Michigan // 250,000 sq. ft.

As a testament to its annual growth and expanding market share, a medical technology company identified the need to expand multiple manufacturing lines in its Portage, Michigan facility. The fabrication and assembly floor has an established workflow from incoming materials, to fabrication and welding, to paint, and then to component assembly, packaging and shipping. Our team was challenged to extend these operations, while inserting workplace training and safety centers, and real-time feedback zones for team check-ins on the assembly floor. Our design solution also encompassed a new employee break area and cafeteria for 250 employees with a light, airy feel and views to outdoor seating and site amenities such as basketball and soccer courts.
The design team ultimately chose an exterior facade of precast concrete panels and glass curtain wall insets to balance the quick repetition of assembly of the exterior around a steel frame, while still incorporating exterior views and daylighting for increased satisfaction for the manufacturing workers. The design also maximized energy and visual acuity by use of light interior colors and LED lighting to achieve a space where fabrication and detailed assembly is achieved in the new environment.

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