Stryker Johnson Foundation

Stryker Johnston Foundation at 180 Water St.

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 4,051 sq. ft.

Teaming up with the Stryker Johnston Foundation, our architecture and engineering experts spearheaded the development of a tailor-made suite in the 180 Water St. building. Situated on the 3rd floor, our team meticulously fashioned the suite to radiate sophistication and practicality.

The entrance sets a refined tone with its wooden-framed glass doors, welcoming guests into an open office area with wooden flooring and intricate paneling. A blend of open and enclosed office spaces caters to various work preferences within this innovative design. Stylish acoustical wall treatments not only serve as visual highlights but also effectively manage noise levels, promoting a conducive work environment.

The suite features specific zones crafted for distinct purposes—a cozy huddle space for quick, intimate discussions and a larger conference room showcasing an operable wood-framed folding glass panel. This dynamic element allows versatile utilization of the space, perfect for different events and gatherings.

The kitchen café area serves as the heart of the suite, combining functionality and visual appeal. Carefully chosen materials fuse design with practicality, adding an air of sophistication to this communal space.

Each element is meticulously curated to align with the Foundation’s vision, enhancing the experience for those who use this exceptional space.

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