Medical Technology Company

Divisional Facility

Portage, Michigan // 230,000 sq. ft.

This project consists of the renovation of an office space with the capacity for 700 employees at any time. Over time the organic growth has led to organizational disorder, and the intent is to realign departmental allocation for improved efficiency and growth. The integration of interior spaces into a comprehensive, legible whole comes from organizing functional areas to locations in the building where their working affinity to other departments is maximized. At these locations, the design solution will celebrate this overlap with area for employees to meet, collaborate, and pollinate ideas to foster improving processes and products. With goal of the space was to focus on the importance of people within the space, and their wellbeing. Materials are being considered based on their texture, warmth, and the unique or interesting qualities they add to the space. This has activated materials like reclaimed wood, internal vegetated walls, steel, and recycled materials for adding a level of visual engagement.

Half Width 2 25
Half Width 8 8
Full Width 4 1
Full Width 5 2
Half Width 5 16
Half Width 9 6
Full Width 17
Half Width 6 16
Half Width 7 10