West Shore Community College

Schoenherr Campus Center

Scottville, Michigan // 38,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

Several of the student services components (library, advising, testing and tutoring, women’s resource center, bookstore, student lounge, and café) were all undersized for current student demands and were scattered across campus. This made it difficult to access and was especially confusing for new and prospective students.

TowerPinkster Solution

To address these issues and uphold the college mission with regard to student success and community service, the 2004 West Shore Community College Facility Master Plan identified a new 38,000 SF Student Learning Center as a top priority. The new building houses the above functions and serves as a new “front door” of the campus. All services have been effectively integrated under one roof creating ease of accessibility. The new library, which serves as the heart of the Student Learning Center and the WSCC campus, was previously underutilized, outdated and lacked connectivity to other campus amenities. It now boasts state-of-the-art technology and provides flexibility to accommodate for future change. A sweeping transparent curved facade in the atrium embraces the center of the campus and also provides connectivity to adjacent buildings and the natural landscape. An interactive and centralized student commons area emphasizes the student-centeredness of this new building. This project achieved LEED Silver Certification.

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