West Washington School Corporation

West Washington High School Technical Trades

Campbellsburg, IN

TowerPinkster was engaged by West Washington School Corporation (WWSC) to design a renovation and addition for the school’s career/technical education programs to better equip their students and fellow members of the Lost River Career Cooperative with hands-on, immersive learning experiences. The new facilities at WWSC meet the growing demand for bridging the skills gap students face after high school in the industry. A 6,000-square-foot wood and metal manufacturing shop and over a quarter of a million dollars in industrial-grade machines introduce students to real-world work-related projects. Meanwhile, the 1,200-square-foot engineering lab has 32 HP laptops where students run Autodesk Suite for Inventor and Revit 3D modeling programs. Dedicated spaces were also renovated for digital communications and health sciences. Digital communications has room for state-of-the-art computers and technology and a large news studio with a green screen and floor. Health sciences are supported by a lecture space resembling a nursing facility with hospital beds. A dedicated classroom was also designed for the school’s FFA and agriculture programs.

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