Western Michigan University

On-Going Engineering Services

Kalamazoo, MI

Since 2013, TowerPinkster has completed over 200 engineering projects for WMU of varying size and scale. Select projects include:

Bernhard Center Renovation
Davis Hall Substation Replacement
West Michigan Substation
West Michigan Substation Switchgear
CHHS Generator Peak Shaving
Sindecuse 3rd Floor Office Reconfiguration
Sindecuse 3rd Floor – Travel Nurse
Lee Honors College Expansion
Kohrman Hall Corridor Lighting
Dalton Emergency Power
Parking Structure 2 Emergency Power
Admin. Bldg. Substation Replacement
Seibert One-Line
French Hall Transformer Relocation
CHHS Supplemental Cooling
SRC Lighting Replacement
Seibert Window Evaluation-BIM
Rood Hall BIM Energy Modeling
Level 1 ASHRAE Audits
Office For Sustainability
Office For Sustainability Tenant Fit-Out
Bernhard Center Ice Cream Parlor
Sangren Relocate Temporary Transformer
Henry Hall Transformer Removal
Chiller Sequence of Operations Study
Primary Electrical Drawings
Miller Auditorium
Infrared Heating Study

Domestic Water System Upgrades
Domestic Water Upgrades at CHHS
Parking Lot Lighting Standards
Bernhard Center AHU Replacement
Walwood Union Mechanical System
Mechanical Consulting-Fetzer Condensate
Mechanical Consulting-Sprau Tower AHU1
Lawson HVAC Renovation
Seelye Lighting Controls
College of Aviation
Ongoing CAD Services
Bernhard Center Lower Level Feasibility
COE MDOT Lab HVAC Cost Estimates
Bernhard Center-Test Kitchen Renovation
ADA Pool Accessibility
Hyames Field Players Lounge
Geothermal Feasibility Study
Waldo Library OA Calculations
511 Monroe Generator Study
Elmwood Water Heater Replacement
Gary SRC – Cooling Feasibility Study
Read Arena Water Softener Relocation
Seibert Admin Bld RTU Replacement
Bernhard Center Cafeteria Renovation
McCracken Hall Utility Decommission
Moore Hall Re-Feed
Extended University Program GR Facility
Gary Center Wading Pool

Office For Sustainability Lighting
COE G110 Lab Conversion
West Hills Athletic Club HVAC Study
SRC Emergency Lighting
Friedman Hall Arts and Sciences Renovation
Elmwood Condensate Metering Study
Miller Auditorium Cooling Tower
Primary Power Study
Elmwood Aerial Electrical Line Replacement
Waldo Library OIT Power
LED Interior Lighting Standards
Valley Drive Lighting Upgrade
Generator Repurposing
Ellsworth Substation Replacement
One-Line Diagram Revisions
Seelye Athletic Center Chiller Replacement
COE E122 Office
COE Emergency Power
Oakland Drive Utility Tunnel Study
East Campus Buildings Habs Report
Alumni Center-East Hall Renovations
Upholstery Shop Electrical Feed
Residence Hall Commissioning
COE Electronics Lab Relocation
COE Vapor Deposition Lab
Energy Metering Guidelines
Kohrman Hall HVAC Study
Dunbar Hall Dimming System Replacement

Miller Chiller BIM 2
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