Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency

WoodsEdge Learning Center

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 129,500 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

The existing Croyden School was not well-suited for students with cognitive and emotional impairments. The school’s layout made it difficult for students to move around with ease, as many of the children have mobility challenges and are either assisted by staff, or use devices such as wheelchairs and walkers.

TowerPinkster Solution

The new special education building provides “high-touch,” “high-feel” amenities and unique resources for individuals with autism and severe cognitive and physical impairments. With careful thought to mobility challenges, color palettes, lighting, custom learning spaces, and safety, this school creates an environment that fosters educational exploration within “learning villages.” Students can progress from individual classroom learning to a common village, and a “main street” where they are connected to engaging activities that will ultimately connect them to the world.

The TowerPinkster team created this nurturing environment with ease of movement for wheelchairs, walkers and bikes to facilitate gross motor skill development. Students are protected from inclement weather by 11,800 square feet of canopies and covered walks. High-quality daylighting is also provided to enhance the learning and working experience.

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K12 Woodsedge 11
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