Zeigler Automotive

BMW-Lincoln Additions and Renovations

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 11,500 sq. ft.

Client Challenge & TowerPinkster Solution

Zeigler Auto Group desired to replace the existing showroom constructed in 1986 to provide a fresh new face to their expanding Stadium Drive location. The challenge was to create a new storefront conforming to the design standards of BMW and Lincoln while maintaining a cohesive front facade. The BMW portion of the project consisted of 6,000 square feet of new showroom space including sales offices, new car delivery, service advisory, and BMW media display platform. Another 1,500 square feet of area was remodeled within the existing building to create spaces for a sales manager, finance, a customer lounge, and restrooms. The entire area was upgraded with new finishes, digital displays, and interactive customer touch points to meet the BWM design standards. The Lincoln side, which shares a common wall with BMW, consisted of a 4,000 square foot showroom addition including sales offices, sales tower, customer lounge, and kids corner. The design team used the Ford Trust Mark Design guidelines to create a new storefront that met the Lincoln design prototype while blending cohesively with the BMW standards. The entire area was upgraded with new finishes, digital displays, and glass sales office enclosures.

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