Zeigler Automotive

New Motorsports Facility

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 80,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge & TowerPinkster Solution

Zeigler Motorsports embarked on a one of a kind new motorsports facility located along Sprinkle Road in the Midlink Business Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan. TowerPinkster worked with Zeigler Motorsports, a.j.Veneklasen (Builder) and Haisma Design Corp. (Interiors) to develop a high impact design for a new state of the art motorsports facility. The building includes 20,000 SF of showroom space for various high profile brands along with areas for offices, parts, online parts, and service. The new facility also features a temperature controlled storage building to offer customers a place to store equipment in the offseason. A cutting-edge test track adjacent to the building allows customers to test various pieces of equipment before purchasing. The test track hosts motorsports events and promotions throughout the year. With exceptional visibility from sprinkle road, the exterior of the building is designed to represent the multiple brands that will be hosted by the motorsports dealership, while still remaining true to the Zeigler brand and maintaining a cohesive appearance.

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