Better Together! Kovert Hawkins Joins TowerPinkster

After much strategic preparation of searching for the right way to expand our reach and build our expertise, we are proud to announce that Kovert Hawkins Architects, a design firm with offices in Jeffersonville, IN and Louisville, KY, has joined TowerPinkster!

The merger is an exciting opportunity and a major milestone in the history and future of our firm. Having Kovert Hawkins join TowerPinkster is a key part of the firm’s strategic growth as we continue to advance and evolve into a regional design firm. We have created market diversity through the work that we do and have grown our geographic diversity to better serve our clients no matter where their projects may take them. We feel the time is right to integrate new office locations as we grow to support our clients and communities.

Expanding Feature

Expanding our reach to better meet the needs of clients.

The merger with Kovert Hawkins allows us to further extend our reach on a regional basis as we expand the number of states where we have a physical presence. It also gives us local “boots on the ground” for projects happening within our region. For some of our existing clients, this opens new geographic markets to serve their business interests in other states.

Enhancing our services and deepening our knowledge and expertise.

The combination of the two firms strengthens our services in architecture, interior design, and project management. It also affords us the opportunity to expand our engineering talent in the markets currently served by Kovert Hawkins. We will continue to offer our multidiscipline expertise which also includes landscape architecture, master planning services, furniture design, and security and technology design.

Strengthening our culture.

Both firms have been established in our respective communities for decades. Our cultural philosophies are a natural fit as we are people-focused and driven by successful client relationships. We’re proud of our award winning culture and talented team members. Kovert Hawkins is similar with a strong track record of project excellence and a focus on professional development. Both firms believe in treating team members with respect, honesty, humility, care, and supporting a desire for life-long learning and growth. To learn more, you can read the full press release here.