TowerPinkster Signs AIA 2030 Commitment to Design Carbon-Neutral Buildings

TowerPinkster is continuously pursuing new ways to further our sustainability goals. Our latest pursuit is the AIA 2030 Commitment which pulls together many years of learning toward a new singular goal: to create carbon-neutral buildings by 2030. 

We have been striving towards a more sustainable future for decades, as well as working to be positive stewards of our collective natural resources. The 2030 Commitment is a continuation and pronouncement of our beliefs in designing and engineering sustainable places. Over the years, we have expanded what sustainability means to us by growing our expertise and training, redefining workplace energy efficiency, developing new energy modeling methods and approaches, learning how equity and inclusion impact design, and harnessing the collaboration of our multidisciplinary team to find new ways to innovate. 

The 2030 Commitment is borne out of the need for accurate reporting of actual building performance. As such, we realize there is a fundamental core message in this work: to be responsible and accountable for our community, near and far, in both time and space. Projects are reported through an online database, the Design Data Exchange (DDX), to track baseline, predicted, and actual Energy Use Intensity (EUI). Energy Use Intensity is a measure that normalizes energy use (kBtu) over area (square feet) for an entire year. This provides an industry metric, or shared language, for transparency in building performance. 

It is a call to action for us and our neighbors. It is a reminder that our Sustainability Action Plan, which all 2030 Commitment signatories are asked to create, is meant to be dynamic and ever-growing. So we seek collaboration and connection in this ongoing work and encourage others to join us.