The TowerPinkster team is diverse. We are creatives, drafters, makers, trailblazers, brewers, football fans, chefs, runners, and animal lovers. Some of us are young, some are not, some love the summer sun, some relish snowscapes, some of us wear glasses, and some have laser-sharp vision. We are united by our love of asking questions and exploring new directions because we know our curiosity leads to remarkable results.

Olivia Blackerby

Olivia Blackerby Landscape Architect

Brendan Brown

Brendan Brown Senior Project Architect

Heather Graninger

Heather Graninger Senior Project Architect

John A. Hawkins

John A. Hawkins Principal

Nicholas Hilgediek

Nicholas Hilgediek Interior Designer

Amanda Hunsucker

Amanda Hunsucker Principal | Senior Interior Designer

Jim Keller

Jim Keller Architectural Project Coordinator

Sara Knies

Sara Knies Interior Designer

Hal E. Kovert

Hal E. Kovert Principal

Christy L. Miley

Christy L. Miley Human Resources Coordinator | Office Administrator

Edwin Ngaiza

Edwin Ngaiza Accounting Coordinator

Assumpta Nyein

Assumpta Nyein Architectural Technician

Autumn Patrick

Autumn Patrick Architectural Technician

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson Senior Project Architect

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson Principal | Senior Project Architect