From Designing Lighting: Making A Splash: TowerPinkster’s Illuminating Design for Kalamazoo College’s Natatorium

TowerPinkster’s Tony Reiner and Scott Garberick sat down with Desiging Lighting Magazine to talk about our work with Kalamazoo College’s new natatorium.

From the article: 
“Through the process of talking to different lighting representatives, Scott and Tony sought to find indirect luminaires. Importantly, the fixtures needed to be chemically resistant to survive the natatorium atmosphere. They went with the high-performance Bolt series by Meteor Lighting. The lights are set at 4,000K and are complete with an Acuity nLight basic room controller, allowing 0-10 volt dimming and 100% to 10% dimming capability. A simple switch control allows for the coach to come in and turn the lights on at 75% for day-to-day use, and to 100% for swim meets. The lighting control system in the pool and surrounding space, like the corridor and lobby, are tied to a central lighting relay control panel provided by Acuity nLight. It is also tied to the building management system so the staff can control the time schedule. The building has a generator and emergency transfer devices to handle egress lighting as part of that system.”